LIGHTHOUSE FESTIVAL: Schedule of Activities

When: June 15, 2013, 10am-4pm
Where: Adjacent to the Flagpole, at Trinity Church (parking in Trinity lot, off Church Hill Rd)
Admission: FREE!!
Printable Activity Map: Click here

(Activities and schedule are subject to change.)


Open all day.

  • Front Lawn: 20-foot Interactive Lighthouse
    ...Lighthouse is shown here nearing completion==>
  • Back Lot: Touch-tank from Norwalk Maritime Center
  • Front Lawn: Hands on learning about Sea Navigation with Dustin Fisler, Coast Guard Petty Officer


Open all day.

  • Main Church (Sanctuary): 14-foot Lighthouse and scenic display. (Great for photos!)
  • Throughout the building: Art Gallery of lighthouse depictions from Newtown students of all ages
  • Throughout the building: Lighthouse models from donors all over New England


Performances held in the Main Church (Sanctuary).

  • 10 am: Newtown High School Chamber Choir
    ... This award-winning musical group, led by Choir Director Jane Matson, will perform a selection of their favorites along with a Sea Chanty prepared specifically for this day!
  • 11 am: Katie McMorran and George Primavera
    ... These 2011 graduates of Newtown High School and stars of the award-winning NHS production of "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" and many other Newtown productions will sing a selection of their fun favorites
  • Noon: Flag Pole Radio Cafe, featuring Jim Allyn
    ... These talented local musicians will perform their own theatrical production based on "Keep the Lights Burning, Abbie" and other special music.
  • 1 pm: CT Music Therapy Interactive Performance
    ... Interactive childrens' songs - lots of movement and singing along!
  • 2 pm: Johnson Girls and the Forebitters
    ... a capella sea chanties and other maritime music that the whole family will enjoy!
  • 3 pm: Trinity Choristers
    ... Savor the beautiful young voices of Trinity Church led by Music Director Fiona Smith-Sutherland as they perform a collection of their favorites along with songs prepared specifically for this festival.


These activities will be open all day (except as noted) and held in the first-floor classrooms

  • Lighthouse Models (presented by Eli Whitney Museum): Build and wire a working lighthouse model to take home with you! (While supplies last.)
  • Open Play Area: Explore your creative side with Lego blocks, modeling clay, and art supplies!
  • Nautical Crafts and Science (presented by EverWonder Childrens' Museum): Challenge your mind with these fun activities!
  • Dramatic Play (presented by Twyla Hafermann-Kessler): Express your imagination with these fun, theatrical exercises! (10am-1pm and 2pm-4pm)
  • Emerald Sketch Open Art Studio: Create a Safe Boat on the Water (presented by Emerald Sketch Art Therapy): Work individually or with others drawing, painting, or sculpting. Create your own piece or add to a larger, community piece! Open to all ages. (This is also a chance to visit or meet with the art therapy team who have been available since the Sandy Hook Healing Project, and learn about the Emerald Sketch.)
  • CT Music Therapy Open Music Space: A Safe Musical Harbor (presented by Connecticut Music Therapy Services, LLC): With the guidance of music therapists, children and all family members may sing, drum, play instruments, improvise, write songs, or dance. Open to all ages. (Meet the music therapy team and learn more about Connecticut Music Therapy Services who is working collaboratively with Emerald Sketch to provide creative arts therapies in Newtown. This program is supported, in part, by the American Music Therapy Association and through the generous funding of the Brenda H. Kaplan Music Therapy Fund.)
  • Sand and Water Play Great fun for toddlers!


These presentations directed at parents and older youth will be held in the second-floor library.

  • 11 am: Jeremy D'Entremont, writer, photographer and maritime historian
    ... "The lighthouses of New England and the People Who Kept Them"
  • 2 pm: John Tischio, president of the Northeast Opera Club
    ... "Flying Dutchman" Opera Lecture
  • All other times:
    ... Watch PBS Documentary, "Legendary Lighthouses"


Open-Mic Night, 7-9pm for high school and college aged Newtowners. Come to perform your music, poetry, comedy or other ... or come to sit back and watch with your friends! Coffee, water and light snacks will be provided.

A note to parents and guardians: Welcome! This day is intended as a fun-filled journey of light and discovery for the children and families of Newtown and surrounding towns. Please do stay with your child(ren) at all times so they do not wander freely without supervision. Our staff and volunteers will be ready and available to help you throughout the day, but cannot monitor the whereabouts of any individual children.